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About ThinkBoxly

ThinkBoxly, in a very cube-like nutshell

Who are you?

Just a guy with a love for technology and a need to say something about it when I get any particular piece of it–new or old–stuck on my mind. At the wee age of 4 years old I began typing DOS commands to launch Lemmings, and then in 2003 I ‘inherited’ my dad’s old Windows 98 desktop, which I messed around with a lot and really must credit for building the foundation of my computer knowledge today. Since then of course I’ve upgraded my hardware (far more than a few times) and my repertoire of tech knowledge has grown exponentially and continues to develop as I pursue different aspects of technology more and more. For a few brief stints I’ve worked as a freelance computer repair guy (so far my success rate is still at 100%), but in general I’m just here for the love of it, not because of any professional interest.

I’m proud to announce I earned my “true computer user” award in 2011 when I successfully built my current desktop PC from scratch. I loved every moment of the experience from choosing the parts to powering it on for the first time and I can’t wait to do it all again someday.

What is ThinkBoxly, and what on earth is the title supposed to mean?

To explain these questions, it’s easiest to go back to my last attempt at a tech website. Several months ago I started up a place on Blogger called The Tech Shelf, which I intended to eventually turn into a sophisticated, high-profile website that could possibly earn me some cash on the side, but unfortunately the project required far more time than I had to put into it, and ironically The Tech Shelf got put on the shelf. Skip ahead a few months and I still find myself with the desire to have some sort of tech-talk outlet besides just the comments on TechnoBuffalo (which I practically live on) but I now knew that whatever I made, it had to be simple to use and only take a few minutes of my day to keep up with. While thinking up possible paradigms to build the new site around, the idea came to mind to make a DropBox for Tech Thoughts. It came so delightfully close to rhyming that I just had to give it a shot…oh yeah, and as an added bonus the analogy lined up perfectly with what I was looking for anyway. The Tech Shelf had been too big and nebulous a concept for one person to reasonably keep up with on his own, but a box, now that says confinement to simplicity. Therefore I set out to try again at the tech blog thing, this time thinking “boxly” while I added entries into my “ThinkBox” of technological goodness. And thus ThinkBoxly was born!