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ThinkBoxly: 1 Month, 100 Readers

It’s hard to believe, but ThinkBoxly is already a month old, and even more amazing is that in its first month, ThinkBoxly managed to pull in just over 100 viewers! As just a small way to say ‘thanks’ for the terrific support, I’ve added a new entry to the Bonus Materials page: the promised set of ThinkBoxly-styled cursors (screenshot)! Now I know you might not want to have a ThinkBoxly themed desktop forever (even I like to change things up every once in a while…though the ThinkBoxly themed art is pretty cool, you’ve got to admit) so I designed the cursors specifically so that they’d work with a variety of different desktop schemes while still maintaining that iconic Boxly flair. Currently a Windows set is available, and a Linux set is on its way just as soon as my Ubuntu box finishes updating to 12.04.

As a side note, it appears Google is celebrating today, too, for if you head over to their website and run a search for “Zerg Rush”, you’ll be greeted with a little something special! I’ll warn you though: make sure your trigger finger* is ready!

Thanks for checking out ThinkBoxly, and I hope you’ll continue to visit the site from time to time for more great content from my DropBox for Tech Thoughts!

(*and your scrolling finger, too. Those little buggers are everywhere!)

If any of you were clever enough to hit that ‘Read more of this post’ button, here’s a little extra bonus for you!

Zerg Rush is by far not the first easter egg Google has ever built into its search engine. Here are a few other search terms for you to try! Warning: internet memes and obscure terminology ahead!

  • do a barrel roll
  • tilt
  • askew
  • recursion
  • anagram
  • Kerning
  • Keming
  • qingming festival

Have fun!

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