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How Linux is Built (Video)

Like most any Linux user, I’ve heard a lot of objections from diehard Windows and Mac fans regarding our operating system of choice. Most of the complaints are centered on the development of Linux operating systems being open. But what does that really mean, for an OS to be ‘open’? A phrase you’ll see a lot around open source communities is that open source means: “Free as in ‘free speech’, not ‘free beer’.” the point being that openness in the Linux world is treated as a right that is to be respected, not a possession that is to be abused. But still, many out there in the world, especially those used to the insanely closed world of Apple’s ecosystem, find this concept to be somewhat nebulous and confusing.

At last, there is a good explanation of how Linux is built and just how important its development is for computing technology as a whole! Of course I’m referring to the video below, which was released by The Linux Foundation earlier this month. Next time you come across such a poor confused soul as described above, show them this video, and enjoy watching the lights come on.

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