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Self-Driving Google Car Gets its First ‘User’ (News)

ImageOver the past couple of years, Google has been carefully making progress on the world’s first true “driverless” car. Up until now most public information about the car portrayed it as an awkward collection of tech three times the height of the average car. A few days ago, however, Google revealed to us a very streamlined and efficient model that is far more than just a concept or tech demo. In the video below you will see the story of the Google Driverless Car’s first ‘user’: a legally blind man with only 5% of his vision remaining. Clearly he is well past being able to drive anywhere, but the Google Car shows promise in changing that for Steve Mahan and others in situations similar to his. For them, this isn’t just a step forward in technology, it is a change of lifestyle. And really that’s what any good technological innovation does, right? Although it’s easy to get distracted with the fastest CPUs, most powerful GPUs, largest capacity hard drives, and so on, it is improving lives that technology is really all about.

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